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Using the Email Help Tool for Premium Business Email and Hosted Exchange

Your Premium Business Email and Hosted Exchange comes with a support tool with everything you need to set up your email client on desktop and mobile devices. You also have access to troubleshooting and repair information in case you run into issues during and after the webmail client setup. If you have Premium Business Email Plus, the email help tool will allow you to set up your Cloud Drive for document storage and sharing as well as learn how to use Mobile Sync for your device setups.

Log into the Email Help Tool using your administrator credentials to get started.

In this section, you will find instructions to download the webmail client to your computer, phone, table and configuration information. Just click the Set Up My Email icon on the home page of help tool and select the device you want to set up.

Computer Setups

The configuration for computers is done by operating system, you have the option to set up by:

Windows: Choose from Outlook 2007 to 2016, or configure manually for other email clients you have set up.
OS X: Select your Apple Mail, Outlook or configure additional clients.
Linux: Find the instructions to set up through POP, IMAP and SMTP configurations.

Mobile Device and Tablet Setups

Configuration of a mobile device will depend on the type of device:

Apple/IOS: Set up via IMAP or POP.
Android: Configuration will depend on the manufacturer of your device.
Windows: If you are using a Windows phone, you iwll set your email up via Mobile Sync, IMAP, or POP.
Blackberry: Configuration will depend on the operating system of your Blackberry device.

Mobile Device and Tablet Setups

Here you will find the settings for your Hosted Exchange mailbox.

Our Heroic Support team is happy to help you with the setup of your email client on your desktop and mobile device, but any connectivity issues will be the responsibility of your internet service provider or cell phone service provider.

If you are experiencing issues with sending, receiving, spam, passwords, calendars, contacts, or connecting to your email, you can find common fixes and troubleshooting in the Fix Something section of the help tool. Select the email client you are having trouble with to find articles and tools to help you troubleshoot the issue.

Select the email client you are having trouble with to find articles and tools to help you troubleshoot the issue.

You can find the answers to commonly asked questions and quick tips for your email. Use the search bar and see articles in the help tool knowledgebase to help troubleshoot and learn how to use your Premium Business Email.

Get access to Cloud Drive and Mobile Sync with the Premium Business Email Plus email product.

Cloud Drive

Access your documents, spreadsheets, and other files from anywhere. Just click on the operating system for installation instructions.

  • 1. Select Set Up Email from the links under Tools on the home page.

  • 2. Choose Phone from the device list.

  • 3. Select your mobile device from the list.

  • 4. Select Mobile Sync from the menu and follow the instructions for setup either with Webmail or Outlook.